Tai Chi Testimonials

“I have been having Tai Chi sessions with Fiona for 4 weeks on Zoom. These sessions have mainly been seated, as I was suffering with torn ligaments in both shoulders. At the start of treatment I had very restricted movement with a lot of pain. To date  I am now mostly out of pain and certainly have a much better range of movement. Fiona’s method and instruction are excellent, clear and concise, and are certainly helping with my recovery. I am looking forward to further sessions, thank you!” Eddie

“I have been learning tai chi online with Fiona since December 2020. I had done a few forms of tai chi years ago so was not a complete beginner, but was very rusty due to lack of practice. I had had back problems early in the pandemic due to far more seated work at home and my finding Fiona was part of my rehabilitation. Because we live in different parts of the country we had to meet up online and because of (work) timings we have met individually once weekly since then. Fiona was attentive to my varying capacities and adjusted our practice appropriately. Sometimes I was barely able to move or so I thought and Fiona was able to get me to carefully bring movement back into a seized up muscle group. We have covered the Tai Chi for Arthritis and Diabetes programmes so far and are making a start on Tai Chi for Energy. I have the DVD’s as well and Fiona has been really helpful in guiding me not to over-extend myself physically when I get a little too enthusiastic! She ties this in to the philosophical underpinnings of Chi cultivation well and helpfully for someone steeped in Western Medicine. I like the way Fiona breaks things down into bite-sized chunks including focussing on the feet or arms separately and then recombining them. It enables me to get a good sense of how things should be so that when they come back together they flow pretty well. Fiona overcomes the limitations of online learning by showing the movements from different angles which often shows up some emphasis I had overlooked. I like the way we co-ordinate the breath and the movements as well. I still learn things even in our warm ups or Qi Gong practices.” DB

“We are a small group of 3 people and have been doing Tai Chi with Fiona for a few weeks now… It works perfect via live chat meetings on Zoom and so we are busy learning something really good and new to us during lockdown. You don’t even have to be in the same country…
Fiona sends us the link for the meeting and then we simply log on at the time and off we go…!!! What a brilliant thing to do and with Fiona as a teacher, you can’t go wrong…! She takes bookings now for Tai Chi lessons and I can highly recommend that you have a try….” Jana

“I’ve been doing Tai Chi lessons with Fiona for a few weeks now and I’m very satisfied! she is a very good teacher.. I am already able to train on the moves she taught me on my own… and it feels just fantastic! I highly recommend! Your body and soul will thank you!” Charlotte

“I have been doing Tai Chi with Fiona for a few weeks now and would highly recommend it! Fiona is a great teacher with a lot of patience and advice. She takes the time to look at each and everyone of her students to make sure everyone gets the most out of it.
Thank you so much Radiance Wellness UK, I’m looking forward to more!” 😊 Johanna

“Thank you so much for the fabulous Tai Chi lesson this morning. I loved it!! Am looking forward to our next session… Many thanks! Polly

“Thank you Fiona, for the lovely Tai Chi lessons. I am thoroughly enjoying them and they are extremely beneficial.” PB

“I won a course of Tai Chi lessons with Fiona – and I highly recommend her. She is a very clear and patient teacher, and overcame the difficulties of ‘Zoom’ based classes. She was great at explaining and showing moves, and observing me as I tried them. Suitable for all levels of fitness, the classes build on what we learn each week. Thank you Fiona 🙂 ” Clare