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Touch of Aromatherapy Gift Bag



  • ‘Sleep Well’ organic pillow spray – the secret to your best night’s sleep (50ml)
  • ‘Hug’ rollerball pulse point cream – to feel comforted and relaxed; massage into temples, wrists, behind ears and between brows (10ml)
  • Soothing lip balm containing essential oils of chamomile and geranium (7ml)


  • ‘Sleep Well’ contains a signature aromatic blend of essential oils of grapefruit, lavender, petitgrain, ho wood, and indian rosewood.
  • ‘Hug’ contains essential oils of rosewood, lavender, rosemary, rose geranium,  sweet marjoram, melissa and rose.
  • Lip balm contains essential oils of chamomile and geranium.

Delivery and last orders for festive gifts

Last orders for festive season, Dec 17th

Delivery to the UK only:

  • First class £4.99

Note – If you would like to buy more than eight, the delivery may cost more. Please contact me for current prices.

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