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Journey through the Senses Gift Bag



With your wellbeing in mind, travel through each of the senses with this gift bag!

Presented in a reusable cloth gift bag and ribbon.

  • See – A Wellbeing Journal of activities to do, reflect on and create. Take some time out.
  • Hear – A brand new CD of beautiful relaxation music by the awesome musician Snake Davis. A real treat!
  • Smell – An organic pillow spray called ‘Sleep Well’ (50ml)…zzz…the secret to your best night’s sleep.
  • Touch – An aromatherapy rollerball called ‘Hug’ (10ml) and a tub of aromatherapy bath salts (300g) for those hot soaks in the tub (various types, though lucky dip of 1 of the 5 available but if you have a particular preference just say at the checkout).
  • Taste – What could be better than a big slab of chocolate! Milk (contains hazelnuts) or 89% Dark chocolate available (100g) – please specify preferred chocolate on checkout.


  • ‘Sleep Well’ contains a signature aromatic blend of essential oils of grapefruit, lavender, petitgrain, Ho Wood, and Indian rosewood
  • ‘Hug’ contains essential oils of rosewood, lavender, rosemary, rose geranium,  sweet marjoram, melissa and rose
  • Aromatherapy bath salts contain epsom salts plus various.

Need this a general gift?

Please let me know if you would prefer it as a general gift, and I will prepare it with a non-Christmas themed bag.

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Last orders for festive season, Dec 17th
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