Other Therapies

Telehealth sessions

As an alternative to face to face sessions, I offer a secure video call. At the time of booking, I will send you the paperwork to be completed and returned before the session. I will also send you a link for logging into your session.

We have more time during the session to go over your relevant medical history and the problem you are dealing with. We generally do some tests and I go through some appropriate exercises, and any useful lifestyle changes and daily stretches to aid you.

The exercises will also be emailed to you with photos/drawings to make it easy to remember to do. Your home work is to do them! A short follow up call or email is recommended at a suitable interval.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Emotional Freedom Technique (also called tapping) is a method you can learn to help yourself regulate difficult emotions and set positive intentions.

Coming soon.

Gentle Release Therapy

This wonderfully gentle therapy is probably best described as a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure and Reiki. It is a series of gentle yet powerful holds and can help individuals shift their internal energy in many beneficial ways. Performed through clothes at the very least you get an hour to relax but the full effects appear to develop over the following days with deeper relaxation, happiness and contentment reported by my current case studies. Helpful for many stress related symptoms. I have also studied the Gentle Release Spirit Points which are a deeper dive into our life purpose. NB. I’m a student therapist at present.