Massage Testimonials

” Fiona’s massage was the best I’ve ever had. I find massages at a spa are often relaxing but don’t help fix problems, and that sports massages are often focused on treating issues but aren’t very enjoyable. Fiona finds the perfect balance between relaxation and treating problem areas. Thanks!”    Monica, Musician – flautist

“Fiona has an amazing skill set that she uses to full advantage for the benefit of her patients. I have been having treatments from Fiona for 2  years now, I’ve had various accidents and incidents that have brought about new injuries on a body that wasn’t in great shape in the first place! I am a never ending mutating challenge and I am so grateful that I met Fiona and have been able to have her constant attention. Goodness knows what state I would be in now without her specialised treatments which go far beyond the average (and ‘best-thing-since-sliced-bread’) physios, osteos, chiropractors, etc. I’ve been to them all over the last 30 years, all of them have been personally and highly recommended, and really, none of them has gained my confidence in truly ‘helping’ and making a difference to the direction of my health. Fiona stands out above them all, (they’ve all been helpful, and good at what they do, but none of them really seemed to ‘get’ me and my set of ‘imbalances’, shall we say?) so for me, as a particularly challenging set of biological circumstances, Fiona is the one and only!”  Di, Photographer

“Fiona’s deep tissue massage sessions have been invaluable in allowing me to maintain my marathon training programme. She is adept at identifying niggles and knots before they develop into problems and at alleviating muscle tightness after a difficult workout.”  Sarah, Ultra marathon runner

“Best Massage EVER! Thank you!”   Seona, Musician  –  violinist

“So very grateful for the emergency treatment last Friday after knackering my back at work Fiona. Thought I’d have to cancel 3 gigs at the weekend. Feeling better now than before the twang. Ta muchly – you’re awesome!”   Tim, Musician – brass/percussion

“I knew I was in an awful lot of pain from recent injury and stress but I just didn’t realise how bad a state I was in and how long I had been carrying it.  Fiona’s treatments have totally removed this and has allowed me to continue to make music that I enjoy so much. Treatments made a MAJOR difference to my life. Really grateful. Although some treatments were painful at times due to the severity of state I was in, Fiona was always gentle and caring. It is only now that I realise how much of a change you made to my life. You’re brilliant!”  Steve, Musician – multi-instrumentalist & singer

“You have Magic Hands!!  Jana, Artist and Dancer – Scottish

“Hi Fiona, I just wanted to thank you for my massage last weekend. I now realise how much pain I was in with my neck and shoulder. I feel like a new woman now! Pain free and relaxed. You are a magician!”   Laura, Cheesemaker

“I can’t believe it – I’ve just walked further than I have in the past 5 years! My plantar fascitis has stopped me until now.”  Garry,  Musician  –  guitarist

“The treatment I received from Fiona was very effective in helping resolve my shoulder problems. Everything was explained in detail and I must say I was left feeling much more comfortable. I was very impressed with the overall service. You’ve cured my shoulder and my skepticism!”   Eddie, Retired shipbuilder

“Just wanted to thank Fiona who sorted out my sore shoulder. I had been suffering for weeks unable to sleep due to the pain. After one session she worked on my shoulder and I now have full movement and I’m out of pain. she did a tremendous, professional job and I’m so grateful. Looking forward to my follow up session.”   Sarah, Artist

“Excellent. Very helpful – lots of useful info.”   Bev, Dancer – morris

“Thank you so much, I’ve not been able to lift my arm above my head in over a year! That’s amazing!” Tom, Builder

“Shoulders feel much looser and relaxed – lovely feeling and well worth the money.” Kit, Musician – accordionist

“Fantastic!”  Noel, Musician – mandolin

“Great experience, lovely treatment and excellent advice re: after care with stretches etc. Thank you!”  Liz, Singer and Musician – guitar

“Wonderful! Thank you!”  Christine,  Singer and Musician – piano

“Just enjoyed a fabulously remedial and relaxing massage from the brilliant Fiona Purnell of Radiance Wellness. Thanks Fiona!”  Nina,  Singer and Musician  –  pianist

“Very, very helpful and relaxing for me as a drummer. Thank you!!!” Stephen, Musician – drummer

“A big thank you Fiona. I can still walk with a lot less pain after only one treatment from you on the nasty bout of Plantar Fascitis that I suffer from.”   Bob, Ceilidh caller

” A lovely relaxing session. Very helpful information about stretching with helpful exercises to take away with. Would definitely recommend.”  Sue, Dancer  –  Scottish

“Great massage! Made a big difference to a sore shoulder that I’ve had for months. Many thanks!”  Dancer – Morris

“Lovely massage – shoulders feel much better!”   Ellie, Musician – violinist

“Thank you so much. For the first time, someone (you!) has actually explained the anatomy of the pain, and of course made me feel better! Thank you Fiona!”  Festival visitor

“Feel rejuvenated! Thanks!”  Festival Organiser

“After years of pain and fruitless ‘treatments and rests’ I finally feel like things will get better and I’ll stay active into old age.”   Abi, Dancer  –  Step dance

“Lower back feels much softer and calmer. Very good advice about gentle exercises. Thanks!”  Anne, Stallholder

“A lovely relaxing session. Very helpful information about stretching with useful exercises to take away. Would DEFINITELY recommend a session.”  Sue, Dancer – Morris

“Fiona exudes quiet confidence and professionalism in her treatments. She has a thorough knowledge of the subject and explains what she is doing and why. I felt completely at ease under her hands and would thoroughly recommend her to anyone with temporary or recurrent pain.”  Esther, Computer programmer

“Fiona is a wonderfully skilled therapist bringing sensitivity and anatomical knowledge to her sessions: allowing her to tailor each session to the needs of her clients. She is a wonderfully caring and considerate person, and it gives me great pleasure to recommend her holistic massage skills.”  Jac, MTI colleague

“I found the massage both relaxing and therapeutic – Fiona began with a questionaire and informal chat about any particular aches and pains I had, so she could devote attention to those areas, and then managed to find several problems and tensed areas that I wasn’t even aware of! As an added bonus, I also had a really good night’s sleep afterwards.”   Russ, Computer engineer