Event work


I work at a range of sporting events including cycle sportives, full and half marathons and triathlons. Also had the pleasure of working at Velofest at the start of the Tour de France and the endurance event Oxfam Trailtrekker. Need someone to provide post event massage? Please get in touch.

Musicians and dancers 

As a folk musician and dancer, I have a particular interest in working with similar groups.  Many injuries come from overuse (otherwise known as practice!) which is where remedial massage for the hands, arms, shoulders and back can really make a positive difference.

Whether you do Scottish, Irish, morris, clog or occasional ceilidhs it all can be hard work on your feet and legs.  I can provide remedial massage for dance workshops and weekends by request.

I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of musicians across various of genres including violinists, cellists, flutists, guitarists, saxophonists, drummers, box players and accordionists as well as singers. Please feel free to add to my list!


 I have worked with the Lincoln based Poacher Morris side since 2014 to help them maintain a full team for the dance out season. Does your morris side have foot, leg or shoulder problems? Get in touch, I am going to be at a number of festivals with Poacher Morris so come and have a chat.


I work at a range of folk festivals (to date including Moira Furnace Folk Festival, Great North Folk Festival, Forgotten Lands Festival, Wirral Folk Festival,  Priddy Folk Festival, Folk in the Field and Priston Festival.) I have my clinic in the tent so the treatment range will include Remedial, Sports, Holistic and Indian Head massage. Sign up sheets will be available for the weekend from the first day so you don’t miss out. See you there!


In 2016 I had the privilege of working with Vikings and Anglo-Saxons and the 950th Anniversary of the Battle of Stamford Bridge. Battle re-enactment weekends are highly entertaining! If you are involved with similar events and ‘post battle remedial massage’ would be helpful please get in touch.

Charity work

I have always done charity events as part of my giving back mission. To date these have included The Bubble Foundation, Macmillan Cancer Care, Spinal Research UK, Oxfam, Weston Hospicecare, SOBS, Cancer Research UK, British Heart Foundation, Keep your Pet, and SANDS.