Springtime birthdays and festivals

Radiance is 7 years old this month! Time certainly flies and the spring weather is helping the celebrations. It was a huge step to start my own business and it was a very nervous graduate therapist that started on a path which has led to developing the variety of clinical interests that Radiance treats today. More about that later on this year!

Currently we are looking forward to a variety of festivals with the Radiance stand in the next few months including Yorkshire Hearty Festival on 4th May,  the Great North Folk Festival 25th-27th May, then Folk in the Field on 30th June.

I am also out and about with the morris / ceilidhs so will be at Doncaster Folk Festival, Gate to Southwell Folk festival and Beverley Folk Festival too. It’s all go… see you there?


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Summer festival fun.

The summer has continued in a whirlwind of festivals. Lots of great people came into the Radiance clinic; festival organisers, traders, singers, morris dancers, step dancers, musicians, other performers and many visitors. Wonderful to catch up with clients from previous years too and hear how they have been doing! Many others chatted to about the benefits of massage and soft tissue therapy. All to the background medley of morris bells, the clash of staves, a variety of tunes and song, children’s theatre performances and general happy chatter. Looking forward to the next festival – the small but perfectly formed Priston Festival near Bath in Somerset.

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Festival gazebo fun.

I’ve upgraded the main gazebo today to a super sturdy one. Last year the large ‘gaz’ suffered in strong winds at one festival, endured a freak whirlwind passing through it at another and was finally retired after a weekend in 1066 when 2 of it’s feet came apart there. Considering it was only expected to last a couple of seasons it’s done well!

This year’s events have used the small ‘gaz’ or the loan of a fabulously spacious event shelter that can only can be used on grass. So we are all ready for the next big event in August – Moira Furnace Folk Festival. Can’t wait!

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Morris on.

Well the year is rocketing by and our morris side has been busy with it’s first few dance outs. As people train harder to achieve good performances to be ready for the folk festivals they are more prone to injury. This is especially true for those who have had some time off and are coming back into it.

This can be stick related for the border teams – shoulders and elbows seem to suffer with repeated clashes between enthusiastic dancers.

It can be foot related from the stepping styles of border, cotswold and clog dancers.

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