2024 opportunities and recovery

Here we are in 2024 just as the Equinox has happened and the long days of winter show the promise of Spring. I’m not sure the weather is convinced as the forecast for the next few days is a good 10 degrees lower, but yesterday was beautiful, even T-shirt weather!

Last year was one of those tough ones so I was keeping work low key. I am starting to recover now so am able to take on more, admittedly with considerable pacing as self care is vital.

The joy of studying interesting things is learning what you don’t know, and with the work I do, where the overlaps between therapies occur. What is actually happening? How does it help? What is keeping the person in a state of pain? Is it physical or to what degree is there an emotional component? What is needed for them to recover? What combination of treatment methods may aid them best?

I have been very impressed by gentle release therapy for it’s ability to help with stress and grief especially. Also, which may be of interest, I have an ongoing study looking at therapies that may give relief from menopause symptoms. If this piques your interest, please get in touch.

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Snowdrops and tai chi

So far in 2022 I find myself in a world where I’m still teaching tai chi online and totally loving it! I would never have guessed how much it would transform my life and I’ve taught now a range of people from private and group lessons in the UK and France. I am blown away with how much this exercise has helped me recover my internal energy (from both injury and illness) this past couple of years and I now teach a large range of both seated and normal programmes after training in the UK, US and Australia. I’ve seen some wonderful results as people start to develop their strength and that helps them with their recovery from illness, or injury and improves their general health and balance.

Through the winter I have been seeing the occasional case study as I finish a diploma course in Gentle Release Therapy and am gradually doing a lot of other CPD that I signed up enthusiastically to last year with somewhat scant regard for time it feels! There is so much in the world that is fascinating to learn about… and can really help others.

Now we are in February, the snowdrops and crocuses are coming out and my permaculture garden is starting to grow as it’s been so warm. Much to do there once the winter storms have passed through. My shed needs a paint and with the garden in bloom by late Spring it will hopefully be even more of a pretty, inviting space.

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Hints of springtime

A welcome hint of spring is showing in the garden now as the snowdrops and crocuses are tentatively growing a few leaves. Admittedly they promptly got snowed on but that is gone now and temperatures are expected to rise so Spring is definitely on the way.

So much has happened over the last year that all I can do is sit gently with all the feelings. recover fully myself – and upskill to meet the needs of others. There will be a huge need for ongoing rehabilitation for Covid patients and we still have little idea about how long this will take to recover from.

As my regular clients know I received a (mild) head injury last year at the end of the first lockdown which prevented me from reopening when we were allowed to and the ongoing health problems have meant I have been unwilling to drive yet. This has made everything a bit too interesting and I am continuing to work on my recovery. As far as the massage and foot health is concerned as I’m not feeling fit to drive I hope I will be back, but for now the ongoing rest and recuperation is essential.

Part of my recovery is developing and deepening my own tai chi practice and I have found a love of sharing this. I offer daytime classes as I just get too tired in the evenings. My apologies that this isn’t terribly convenient for people now people are back to work and/or home-schooling.

Life may not be the same in the future (the pandemic has changed many things for everyone) but I will endeavour to ensure everyone that asks is cared for. I may be able to have a treatment room at home for example. There are always options and opportunities in life and that’s part of the beauty of it. This Winter will pass and a new Spring will come.

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Thoughts on gratitude

Well, it’s certainly been a maelstrom of a year hasn’t it? Interesting times! Lots of sudden, big changes, lots of new opportunities to learn to embrace or overwhelming difficulties depending on your mindset and personal experiences. Nobody escaped the experience of aching sorrow, the sadness of the loss of our normal way of life, some degree of loneliness from isolation and the added game raising challenges to everyday life. As is well illustrated by this analogy – we are all in the same storm but in different sized boats.

I’ve endeavoured to provide something positive for everyone throughout as much as I am able, as it’s only by lifting one another do we all get through. During the worst storms in my life gratitude that things aren’t worse (!) created a peace of mind through a chosen control of our inner environment. The freedom to choose one thought over another is liberating and calming, and an ability that grows with practice. It’s embedded in mindfulness and meditation practice but as simply as possible YOU always have that choice.

If you would like to find out more here’s a free Gratitude Journal –

If this is new to you, do try it – it does help. If things are proving difficult, give it a go. If you are finding things more and more difficult with Christmas coming too, do try it. If you have been affected by loss of a loved one talk about them, keep the joy of their presence alive in your heart as that love helps the hurt to heal.

Self care is where our power comes from. What makes you come alive? Do more of that and take gentle care of each other.

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Time to rest and stay healthy

Hello, I do hope you have made the most of the good weather this summer. Here’s an extract from the latest newsletter about the latest developments here..

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has supported Radiance Wellness during the first lockdown. Your purchase of gift vouchers, self care bags, using the new telehealth service and bought tai chi lessons (which I provided free for 6 groups during lockdown itself) which has enabled me to keep the business going as well as help you, and I had been looking forward to reopening as soon as I was able. Radiance has also been able to help support a local enterprise who was making face shields for Lincoln care homes and the maternity wards at Lincoln hospital.

I’ve had to made some difficult decisions as we go into the next 6 months in the cold part of the year with Covid 19 far from eradicated in England and schools/colleges/universities reopening to mix up the population. As a result the mobile massage side of Radiance Wellness is going to continue to hibernate over the winter to allow me time to recover from an injury sustained during lockdown and a stubborn summer cold that wiped me out for a month (nothing nasty just a long term immune system problem!).

Online telehealth calls that I set up as an alternative at the start of lock-down are continuing and have proved to be remarkably useful coming from a multidisciplinary background. Many existing clients have found that the tests, exercises and guided massage work have been of use in addition to what I have already taught in your sessions. I am happy to do 30 minute or 1 hour sessions for management of aches and pains, to go through tests and then appropriate exercises.

Tai Chi lessons online have proved a joy and I was running 6 free classes a week throughout lock down. These are now down to 2 groups as people have returned to work so I have capacity for more students if you would like to learn a new skill in your own home. What I do is take complete beginners through a variety of sequences, learn techniques, find out about the history, and hone the moves so that they learn easily and steadily and then investigate in more depth. All whilst making it fun of course! If you are approaching it from a injury or pain rehabilitation side then the focus will be more for that. I am happy to give private lessons, or do small groups so you are observed and individually taught and I do seated classes as well.

Tai Chi works on all body systems by encouraging the body’s relaxation response – just like massage does, raising the tone of the vagus nerve and it is in this state where the body heals best. It’s relaxing, energising, calming and health improving – what’s not to love? All you need is some clear space (about the length of a 3 seater sofa), comfy clothes and a Zoom computer connection for 40 minutes per lesson.

Foot health appointments that I was just starting to add into the business are being paused for now, but advice and telehealth calls continue.

Further training. I have spent a considerable amount of time during lockdown taking the opportunity to continue with my ongoing further training with an eye for what may be needed in the months to come.

This included Infection Prevention and Control for Covid 19, COSHH update, Asthma Care, Working in massage post Covid, amongst other courses more usual to a multi-disciplinary therapist. These included self management techniques for stress and anxiety such as completing the Emotional Freedom Technique Diploma, Meditation training, functional nutrition courses, Reiki training and specific respiratory and massage techniques. Those that can are being introduced online in the Autumn. If any of these are of interest to you please get in touch for more details.

Radiance Wellness Shop I have a number of health and wellness products available. Including –

  • Kinesiology tape – K Tape, tiger tape, and unbranded tape. Various colours and prices.
  • Therapy bands – 2 metres of stretchy band for home-based resistance workouts and rehabilitation.
  • Foam rollers – for self care stretching.
  • Exercise mats – for home workouts.
  • Exercise mat bags – made to order.
  • Self care bags – last few remaining as they’ve been popular! Contains a Radiance Wellness branded tote bag, aromatherapy epsom bath salts, 2 scented tea lights, a vegan soap, therapy band, trigger point ball, and a 30 minute telehealth consultation.
  • Gift vouchers – for Tai chi lessons or telehealth consultations.
  • Skincare products – natural, vegan friendly, coming soon!
  • Christmas Gift sets – coming soon!

I will definitely be back to hands on work, it will just a bit longer than I had expected. Please let me know how I can best support you in the meantime, and stay safe out there.

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Adjusting the sails..

Like everyone else in the world I am in wonder at the strength and power of Mother Nature this year. My heart goes out to everyone affected so far by the ravages of the novel virus Covid-19, and for those on the front line defending us as best they can.

I closed the mobile Radiance practice on the 17th March 2020 and will reopen as soon as it seems sensible to do so. I was recommended to stay in myself by the NHS so am endeavouring to be sensible whilst keeping a close eye on the current science and the daily case numbers. I am in regular contact with my governing bodies to follow the latest guidance and training as well as keeping in touch with clients.

As soon as I decided to close (ahead of government guidelines) I set up an alternative in the form of telehealth calls, support calls and online tai chi classes. This has proved very useful for a number of existing and new clients and the classes are proving popular. I have family groups from different countries taking part too so it fulfils a range of social needs as well as the fun of learning a new activity that is beneficial to our health.

Fancy a go? Get in touch! I will continue teaching online via Zoom for now and will introduce some classes based outside when it is suitable to venture out again.

I am making some small care packs to send to clients this summer; something that also supports small businesses besides my own that can help a range of people.

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Radiance 2020 Vision

The New Year has started with quite an expansion of work I do.

Seeing a need developing within the community for basic foot care the cumulation of the last 2 years of work has resulted in a new qualification as a Foot Health Professional. Training at The SMAE Institute, which had it’s centenary celebrations last year, I chose to do a 60 point university accredited course which allows me to go on to do further training to become a podiatrist should I wish. For the moment however I am feeling somewhat ‘essayed out’!

I am proud to announce that I am now opening a Foot Health practice alongside my mobile Massage practice doing home visits in my regular locations. Booking being taken now!

In addition…

Something I have enjoyed over the past decade is Tai Chi and as some of you know I have encouraged you to take it up as it may be of benefit to you too. These slow, meditative strengthening exercises may look mild but is quite powerful and therefore useful.

I looked at the various schools which teach a style (Yang style being the popular in the world) versus the combative Chen, the Wu and the Sun styles but I was drawn to the research based Tai Chi for Health programmes designed by Dr. Paul Lam. Discovering that these are short forms, easy to learn and how much fun they are – and finding benefit from them myself recovering from illness – helped me make up my mind that this particular method was for me. From knowing how hard it is to find classes in this area I decided to be very brave and look at Teacher Training to start teaching myself. What a leap! However it has been great and I am so pleased I have done it.

I am currently offering private lessons until I start doing Tai Chi classes. Interested? Please get in touch!

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More festivals and LOTS of studying…

I know, I’ve been quiet on here! It’s been a hectic time in many ways, so do bear with me whilst I update things.

Principally it’s been a busy year with extra events. This has taken Radiance to the North York Moors, across to the Wirral, up around north Cumbria, near York, into Leicestershire, and down into Somerset with beautiful weather for, well, most of the time! I have met some wonderful people on these travels, met new and regular festival clients, treated a wide range of conditions to help a variety of singers and musicians, plus taken part in working parties and the odd late night singaround.

I updated my First Aid at Work qualifications in the spring. Always good to be prepared as well as being a requirement of my insurance.

In addition I have been studying for another practitioner qualification, this time a Foot Health Professional Diploma. The theory course is passed with merit I am now waiting to do the clinical training. This will be a useful add-on to the range of treatments that Radiance Wellness can provide, especially for my older clients who suffer with foot problems and would benefit from regular care. Watch this space for further developments…

In addition to that I am also training as a Tai Chi for Health Instructor. Tai Chi is something that I started doing as I began my massage career and have found benefit for my personal well-being. As I have recommended this activity to my clients frequently I thought, “Well, why not get more formally trained myself?” The training system I am studying was developed by the Tai Chi expert and Australian GP Dr. Paul Lam and is mainly from the Sun style although he teaches the full range of styles from all the different families of Tai Chi. These have been shown by research to be the most beneficial moves for conditions such as arthritis, diabetes and for musclo-skeleto rehabilitation. The modular course will give me Instructor skills to provide a strong basis for clients to develop their technique and from which they can take their interest further. Watch this space for more news…

As I write this all down and wonder how I’ve fitted it all in – it has been a busy year hasn’t it?

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Springtime birthdays and festivals

Radiance is 7 years old this month! Time certainly flies and the spring weather is helping the celebrations. It was a huge step to start my own business and it was a very nervous graduate therapist that started on a path which has led to developing the variety of clinical interests that Radiance treats today. More about that later on this year!

Currently we are looking forward to a variety of festivals with the Radiance stand in the next few months including Yorkshire Hearty Festival on 4th May,  the Great North Folk Festival 25th-27th May, then Folk in the Field on 30th June.

I am also out and about with the morris / ceilidhs so will be at Doncaster Folk Festival, Gate to Southwell Folk festival and Beverley Folk Festival too. It’s all go… see you there?


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Summer festival fun.

The summer has continued in a whirlwind of festivals. Lots of great people came into the Radiance clinic; festival organisers, traders, singers, morris dancers, step dancers, musicians, other performers and many visitors. Wonderful to catch up with clients from previous years too and hear how they have been doing! Many others chatted to about the benefits of massage and soft tissue therapy. All to the background medley of morris bells, the clash of staves, a variety of tunes and song, children’s theatre performances and general happy chatter. Looking forward to the next festival – the small but perfectly formed Priston Festival near Bath in Somerset.

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