2024 opportunities and recovery

Here we are in 2024 just as the Equinox has happened and the long days of winter show the promise of Spring. I’m not sure the weather is convinced as the forecast for the next few days is a good 10 degrees lower, but yesterday was beautiful, even T-shirt weather!

Last year was one of those tough ones so I was keeping work low key. I am starting to recover now so am able to take on more, admittedly with considerable pacing as self care is vital.

The joy of studying interesting things is learning what you don’t know, and with the work I do, where the overlaps between therapies occur. What is actually happening? How does it help? What is keeping the person in a state of pain? Is it physical or to what degree is there an emotional component? What is needed for them to recover? What combination of treatment methods may aid them best?

I have been very impressed by gentle release therapy for it’s ability to help with stress and grief especially. Also, which may be of interest, I have an ongoing study looking at therapies that may give relief from menopause symptoms. If this piques your interest, please get in touch.

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