Snowdrops and tai chi

So far in 2022 I find myself in a world where I’m still teaching tai chi online and totally loving it! I would never have guessed how much it would transform my life and I’ve taught now a range of people from private and group lessons in the UK and France. I am blown away with how much this exercise has helped me recover my internal energy (from both injury and illness) this past couple of years and I now teach a large range of both seated and normal programmes after training in the UK, US and Australia. I’ve seen some wonderful results as people start to develop their strength and that helps them with their recovery from illness, or injury and improves their general health and balance.

Through the winter I have been seeing the occasional case study as I finish a diploma course in Gentle Release Therapy and am gradually doing a lot of other CPD that I signed up enthusiastically to last year with somewhat scant regard for time it feels! There is so much in the world that is fascinating to learn about… and can really help others.

Now we are in February, the snowdrops and crocuses are coming out and my permaculture garden is starting to grow as it’s been so warm. Much to do there once the winter storms have passed through. My shed needs a paint and with the garden in bloom by late Spring it will hopefully be even more of a pretty, inviting space.

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