Hints of springtime

A welcome hint of spring is showing in the garden now as the snowdrops and crocuses are tentatively growing a few leaves. Admittedly they promptly got snowed on but that is gone now and temperatures are expected to rise so Spring is definitely on the way.

So much has happened over the last year that all I can do is sit gently with all the feelings. recover fully myself – and upskill to meet the needs of others. There will be a huge need for ongoing rehabilitation for Covid patients and we still have little idea about how long this will take to recover from.

As my regular clients know I received a (mild) head injury last year at the end of the first lockdown which prevented me from reopening when we were allowed to and the ongoing health problems have meant I have been unwilling to drive yet. This has made everything a bit too interesting and I am continuing to work on my recovery. As far as the massage and foot health is concerned as I’m not feeling fit to drive I hope I will be back, but for now the ongoing rest and recuperation is essential.

Part of my recovery is developing and deepening my own tai chi practice and I have found a love of sharing this. I offer daytime classes as I just get too tired in the evenings. My apologies that this isn’t terribly convenient for people now people are back to work and/or home-schooling.

Life may not be the same in the future (the pandemic has changed many things for everyone) but I will endeavour to ensure everyone that asks is cared for. I may be able to have a treatment room at home for example. There are always options and opportunities in life and that’s part of the beauty of it. This Winter will pass and a new Spring will come.

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