Thoughts on gratitude

Well, it’s certainly been a maelstrom of a year hasn’t it? Interesting times! Lots of sudden, big changes, lots of new opportunities to learn to embrace or overwhelming difficulties depending on your mindset and personal experiences. Nobody escaped the experience of aching sorrow, the sadness of the loss of our normal way of life, some degree of loneliness from isolation and the added game raising challenges to everyday life. As is well illustrated by this analogy – we are all in the same storm but in different sized boats.

I’ve endeavoured to provide something positive for everyone throughout as much as I am able, as it’s only by lifting one another do we all get through. During the worst storms in my life gratitude that things aren’t worse (!) created a peace of mind through a chosen control of our inner environment. The freedom to choose one thought over another is liberating and calming, and an ability that grows with practice. It’s embedded in mindfulness and meditation practice but as simply as possible YOU always have that choice.

If you would like to find out more here’s a free Gratitude Journal –

If this is new to you, do try it – it does help. If things are proving difficult, give it a go. If you are finding things more and more difficult with Christmas coming too, do try it. If you have been affected by loss of a loved one talk about them, keep the joy of their presence alive in your heart as that love helps the hurt to heal.

Self care is where our power comes from. What makes you come alive? Do more of that and take gentle care of each other.

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