Time to rest and stay healthy

Hello, I do hope you have made the most of the good weather this summer. Here’s an extract from the latest newsletter about the latest developments here..

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has supported Radiance Wellness during the first lockdown. Your purchase of gift vouchers, self care bags, using the new telehealth service and bought tai chi lessons (which I provided free for 6 groups during lockdown itself) which has enabled me to keep the business going as well as help you, and I had been looking forward to reopening as soon as I was able. Radiance has also been able to help support a local enterprise who was making face shields for Lincoln care homes and the maternity wards at Lincoln hospital.

I’ve had to made some difficult decisions as we go into the next 6 months in the cold part of the year with Covid 19 far from eradicated in England and schools/colleges/universities reopening to mix up the population. As a result the mobile massage side of Radiance Wellness is going to continue to hibernate over the winter to allow me time to recover from an injury sustained during lockdown and a stubborn summer cold that wiped me out for a month (nothing nasty just a long term immune system problem!).

Online telehealth calls that I set up as an alternative at the start of lock-down are continuing and have proved to be remarkably useful coming from a multidisciplinary background. Many existing clients have found that the tests, exercises and guided massage work have been of use in addition to what I have already taught in your sessions. I am happy to do 30 minute or 1 hour sessions for management of aches and pains, to go through tests and then appropriate exercises.

Tai Chi lessons online have proved a joy and I was running 6 free classes a week throughout lock down. These are now down to 2 groups as people have returned to work so I have capacity for more students if you would like to learn a new skill in your own home. What I do is take complete beginners through a variety of sequences, learn techniques, find out about the history, and hone the moves so that they learn easily and steadily and then investigate in more depth. All whilst making it fun of course! If you are approaching it from a injury or pain rehabilitation side then the focus will be more for that. I am happy to give private lessons, or do small groups so you are observed and individually taught and I do seated classes as well.

Tai Chi works on all body systems by encouraging the body’s relaxation response – just like massage does, raising the tone of the vagus nerve and it is in this state where the body heals best. It’s relaxing, energising, calming and health improving – what’s not to love? All you need is some clear space (about the length of a 3 seater sofa), comfy clothes and a Zoom computer connection for 40 minutes per lesson.

Foot health appointments that I was just starting to add into the business are being paused for now, but advice and telehealth calls continue.

Further training. I have spent a considerable amount of time during lockdown taking the opportunity to continue with my ongoing further training with an eye for what may be needed in the months to come.

This included Infection Prevention and Control for Covid 19, COSHH update, Asthma Care, Working in massage post Covid, amongst other courses more usual to a multi-disciplinary therapist. These included self management techniques for stress and anxiety such as completing the Emotional Freedom Technique Diploma, Meditation training, functional nutrition courses, Reiki training and specific respiratory and massage techniques. Those that can are being introduced online in the Autumn. If any of these are of interest to you please get in touch for more details.

Radiance Wellness Shop I have a number of health and wellness products available. Including –

  • Kinesiology tape – K Tape, tiger tape, and unbranded tape. Various colours and prices.
  • Therapy bands – 2 metres of stretchy band for home-based resistance workouts and rehabilitation.
  • Foam rollers – for self care stretching.
  • Exercise mats – for home workouts.
  • Exercise mat bags – made to order.
  • Self care bags – last few remaining as they’ve been popular! Contains a Radiance Wellness branded tote bag, aromatherapy epsom bath salts, 2 scented tea lights, a vegan soap, therapy band, trigger point ball, and a 30 minute telehealth consultation.
  • Gift vouchers – for Tai chi lessons or telehealth consultations.
  • Skincare products – natural, vegan friendly, coming soon!
  • Christmas Gift sets – coming soon!

I will definitely be back to hands on work, it will just a bit longer than I had expected. Please let me know how I can best support you in the meantime, and stay safe out there.

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