Radiance 2020 Vision

The New Year has started with quite an expansion of work I do.

Seeing a need developing within the community for basic foot care the cumulation of the last 2 years of work has resulted in a new qualification as a Foot Health Professional. Training at The SMAE Institute, which had it’s centenary celebrations last year, I chose to do a 60 point university accredited course which allows me to go on to do further training to become a podiatrist should I wish. For the moment however I am feeling somewhat ‘essayed out’!

I am proud to announce that I am now opening a Foot Health practice alongside my mobile Massage practice doing home visits in my regular locations. Booking being taken now!

In addition…

Something I have enjoyed over the past decade is Tai Chi and as some of you know I have encouraged you to take it up as it may be of benefit to you too. These slow, meditative strengthening exercises may look mild but is quite powerful and therefore useful.

I looked at the various schools which teach a style (Yang style being the popular in the world) versus the combative Chen, the Wu and the Sun styles but I was drawn to the research based Tai Chi for Health programmes designed by Dr. Paul Lam. Discovering that these are short forms, easy to learn and how much fun they are – and finding benefit from them myself recovering from illness – helped me make up my mind that this particular method was for me. From knowing how hard it is to find classes in this area I decided to be very brave and look at Teacher Training to start teaching myself. What a leap! However it has been great and I am so pleased I have done it.

I am currently offering private lessons until I start doing Tai Chi classes. Interested? Please get in touch!

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