Morris on.

Well the year is rocketing by and our morris side has been busy with it’s first few dance outs. As people train harder to achieve good performances to be ready for the folk festivals they are more prone to injury. This is especially true for those who have had some time off and are coming back into it.

This can be stick related for the border teams – shoulders and elbows seem to suffer with repeated clashes between enthusiastic dancers.

It can be foot related from the stepping styles of border, cotswold and clog dancers.

The leaps and bounds that are required of the cotswold style of dance tend to take a heavy toll on knees.

As for rapper / sword dancing the constant twists, turns and stretches required make it quite a workout for shoulders.

It is well worth getting niggling ailments such as plantar fasciitis, calf strains, grumbling tendons, and constantly aching shoulders and arms checked as they detract from participants enjoyment and may enforce rest. Best of all they can generally be treated so you can carry on dancing.

I will be offering short massage treatments on request to morris people at festivals – look for me in the Poacher Morris band. Click on Poacher Morris for dance out locations. I will have a badge saying ‘The Real Skye’ (Sorry non-morris people – it’s a character from the film ‘Morris – A Life With Bells On’!)

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