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I am a MTI and CNHC registered Remedial, Sports and Holistic Massage practitioner providing mobile treatments in Lincolnshire, Somerset and surrounding counties.  In addition I am also a SMAE trained Foot Health Professional and a Tai Chi instructor. Please have a browse and get in touch if you would like more information or to make a booking. Thank you!


How I can help you

Physical issues treated through massage

Are you feeling in pain from ongoing problems such as tight, achy or strained muscles from overuse? Then remedial massage may help by treating the causes of your pain using a combination of advanced massage techniques.

Massage to support you emotionally

If you are living with high stress levels then a truly holistic massage can be useful for calming your body’s stress response down. For everyday life holistic massage can help soothe and relax body and mind.

Physical and emotional support

Sometimes a combination of these is what is needed. Holding space to allow you to come back to yourself whilst dealing with the pain that probably brought you to the clinic in the first place. Your massage session is always tailored to your unique needs on the day.

Foot Health solutions

Foot problems appear to be increasing as we have an aging population. Simply getting down to cut your toenails can become surprisingly hard as you get older. Also various health conditions make mobility difficult and monitoring the state of our feet is vitally important. I provide a home visit service which is fully equipped to deal with ingrowing nails, verrucae, fungal nails, corns, calluses and monitor other conditions like diabetic feet. More information about foot health here

Other treatments

If purely pampering is your focus there are several other treatments to choose from.

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